Sunday, December 14, 2014

Vigrin Mary Sighting....This time in a Tree...AGAIN

Well you don't see hundreds of followers gather to worship a severed tree branch every day.... Unless you are a follower of Finding Bigfoot and Tree Knocking.

But in the little village of Pocboc, Mexico, the faith driven believers are coming from far and wide to pray next to a tree they believe contains an image of the Virgin Mary.
While it may not look so obvious to those without a large imagination (and a strong will to believe) religious villagers and tourists who are flocking to the site are so convinced of the likeness they insist it is a modern-day miracle.

Dozens of candles and flowers started showing up daily at the foot of the tree as an offering to the image that they consider a miracle, despite skeptics saying it is nothing more than a pattern created by the tree rings. 

Pocboc is in the municipality of Hecelchakan in the south-eastern Mexican state of Campeche, where Prince Charles and Camilla recently visited.
Residents of the village say that the silhouette of the Virgin suddenly appeared in the trunk of the Melina tree (Gmelina arborea) and now locals are being joined by Catholic faithful from far and wide.
A 75-year-old villager, discovered the image while on an afternoon stroll to her work as a cleaner at the local high school.  The director of the school where the cleaner was heading said: 'Nothing like this has ever happened around here before, it must be a miracle.'

Locals share 'For us it is a miracle. We believe that God sent it to give us his blessing, so there will be an end to suffering,' they said.
They are also going to ask the regional bishop if the image in the piece of wood could be considered as an official miracle. 

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