Friday, November 29, 2013

Data Reveals New Cryptic Species of Neotropical Wild Cat in Brazil.

Scientists have discovered that two populations of tigrina previously thought to be one species do not, in fact, interbreed and thus are distinct, according to results published today in Current Biology.

Picture of a tigrina in Brazil
The tigrina is actually two separate species, say researchers in a new report. Photograph by Tadeu Oliveira
“This observation implies that these tigrina populations are not interbreeding, which led us to recognize them as distinct species,” Eizirik says. The researchers have suggested that the northeastern tigrina retain its current name of L. tigrinus, while dubbing the southern tigrina L. guttulus.
“Very little was—and still is—known about this species,” says Eizirik. “There have been some initial studies on its diet, but still most of its basic biology remains poorly known, including density, habitat use, and population trends.”

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Bizarre Sea Creature Caught Off Miami Beach

Bizarre Sea Creature Caught Off Miami Beach

A rarely seen sea creature that normally lives at the depths of the ocean has been snagged by Captain Mark Quartiano, better known as Mark the Shark.
The odd-looking creature was caught off Miami Beach. According to Quarantino, who posted the photograph in his Instagram account over the weekend, the huge beast is a Dactylobatus clarkii or Hookskate.
Mark the Shark told that he caught the monster in local waters while shooting a series of shows for a Japanese television network.
The beast was captured, tagged and released back into the ocean.
Very little is known about the Hookskate. It mostly inhabits muddy bottoms of the continental slope at depths of 1,000 feet in the western central and southwest Atlantic

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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Has a UFO been seen in the skies over Devon?

Has a UFO been seen in the skies over Devon?

An Unidentified Flying Object has been spotted above the countryside in North Devon.
Photographer Rob Tibbles was looking at photographs he had taken on Saturday at Fullabrook wind farm, when he spotted a strange object hovering above one of the turbines.
After zooming in on the object to have a closer look, it was still unclear what it could be.
The object appears to be grey in colour, quite large and of an oval shape.
Chivenor search and rescue said they had not had any reported UFO sightings in the area, however, they were on a training exercise this morning so said it could have been them.

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Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Group of Ghost Hunters charged with burning down La. plantation

Four Grand Prairie residents were among a group of men arrested in Louisiana this week after they burned down a historic plantation where they were smoking marijuana and looking for ghosts, authorities said.
Seven people in all were arrested, including another person from Fort Worth who investigators reportedly called the ringleader of the group. They were charged with various crimes, including arson, burglary and trespassing.
They are accused of destroying the LeBeau Plantation House, a structure built in the 1850s in Arabi, La. The house was considered the largest pre-Civil War mansion still standing in the New Orleans area, according to local media reports.
The house was reportedly built on an indigo plantation, was later used as a hotel and casino and then was left vacant for its last 30 years. Local lore said that the house was haunted. Law enforcement told reporters that trespassing was a regular problem.
Authorities said that the men arrested were smoking marijuana and drinking on the site.
“They had been looking for ghosts, trying to summon spirits beating on the floors,” said Col. John Doran of the St. Bernard Parish Sheriff’s Office in an article posted on his office’s Facebook page.
When no ghosts emerged, the group set the mansion on fire, Doran said.
The fire happened Thursday night and the group was arrested the next day. The four men arrested from Grand Prairie were Joshua Allen, 21; Joshua Briscoe, 20; Jerry Hamblen, 17, and Joseph Landin, 20. The man arrested from Fort Worth was 31-year-old Dusten Davenport. The other two men arrested, Kevin Barbe, 20, and Byron Meek, 29, were from Louisiana.

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What do you see? Some parishioners call this picture a miracle in the suburbs

One north suburban Catholic Church is talking about a very thought provoking picture, shot with nothing more than an iphone.
One woman snapped a photo last Friday in the chapel of Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Glenview and says she got so much more.
Maureen Kent has been attending Eucharistic adoration at the church for more than 2 years. Kneeling last friday, she wanted a picture of the eucharist or host in the monstrance, the ornate gold stand it’s placed in.
The picture showed a bright light, an image larger than a human and appearing to hover next to the host on the alter. Catholics believe the host is the body of Christ.
No photo-shopping, she says, no doctoring the digital image. Just what she calls a great surprise when she looked at her screen.
Her friends in the chapel also believe it is the Virgin Mary, the supernatural right in suburban Glenview.  Authentication is not, right now, a consideration by Maureen Kent or even the church. They are relishing what they call a miraculous moment, privileged to have seen and believed, they say.

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

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Arkansas Chupacabra? or Coyote?

     Arkansas Chupacabra? or Coyote with Mange?
     Something's been killing deer in Baxter County besides the Hunters? Check out this Recent Find!  Hunters have been reporting higher concentrations of coyotes in the area recently.   As I sit here to post this as our first official Post in this new format,  A pack of Coyotes are just over the ridge from my home, making quite the ruckus!

     Could this be a Coyote, or possibly the Elusive creature referred to as the Chupacabra?  The only hair on this creature is right down the middle of the back approx. 2-1/2 inch wide strip.

     While the story of a Chupacabra would be awesome,  Coyotes are natural predators of the White Tail Deer in the region.  I could be wrong but.....

    While I think its a Coyote with Mange I'd love to hear your thoughts. @ParaPalooza on twitter. #BlogOfOdd #OddLivesHere

Post is by Jason Mansfield: Paranormal Investigator with Paranormal Studies of Arkansas found at, Voice Over Artist for several Paranormal Radio Shows, Film maker at Binary Entertainment, Folklorist, Writer, & Legend Hunter