Thursday, November 21, 2013

Welcome to ParaPalooza.Com

 ParaPalooza your best destination for all things weird, odd, strange and things that make you scratch your head and say “What The Fringe”, Updated with the latest news, reader submitted events, original articles, Covering Ghosts of Uncle Sue! to Horror films that make you cringe, We will even Interview Bigfoot. Unexplained phenomena, reviews of paranormal media, and interviews with notable figures in the fields of Abnormal Investigation.

We are migrating our website, ParaPalooza.Com to evolve into the Blog O Sphere.

So be watching for MANY more posts to come as we copy and paste or archives here to entertain you in the ways of Paranormal, Fringe, Weird and Down right Freaky!.

If you love Ghost Stories,  UFO reports,  Cryptozoology, Horror Films, and Indie Movie Content you are in the right place.

Sit back,  Enjoy and be Amazed.

ParaPalooza is world wide baby!

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