Saturday, February 14, 2015

New Roswell Photos Could 'Confirm' Alien Existence...Finally

It seems a collection of never before seen photos from.......Roswell have surfaced, that could prove once and for all that there was indeed a Crash in the Desert involving visitors not of this world.

Yeah I know this sounds............way out there..... that is where the Truth is right... out there.

A series of Kodachrome slides belonging to Bernard Ray, an oil exploration geologist who was working in Roswell at the time of the crash have been found by his wife.

When Ray passed away, his wife Hilda started looking through his belongings and found a box of old slides mostly containing family photos. What she also found was a pair of slides hidden within the lining of the lid.

Within those slides where pictures of a thin grey humanoid creature with an enlarged head. Through a series of acquaintances the slides were then passed along until finally getting into the hands of UFO researcher Tom Carey.

Carey has reportedly had the slides checked and authenticated by a Kodak expert who worked with the imaging company during the 40s. So while the slides themselves are physically authentic, the question remains as to whether their contents can be considered the same as well.

At the moment, there's a lot of hot air being thrown around, the images are being conveniently held until a grand-unveiling while there's been very little chatter regarding the authenticity of the actual contents of the photos.

So is it the real deal, yet another hoax... who knows,  It's probably nothing, but then, it could be everything!

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