Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Excorcisms, Sex and Chiropractic Care Do Not Mix in Iowa.

"Thou I Walk through the The Valley of The Shadow of Back Pain, I shall fear no alignments".

A Chiropractor in Iowa, has agreed to surrender his state license after he has been accused of accepting sex for payment and performing exorcisms on his patients.

Nothing Like a good Demon Possesion to get your back out of alignment.... Or so I hear.

"I shall place my hand's on you, and you shall be healed!" in the best TV Evangelical voice I can do.

An agreement was signed by the Doctor last month as he surrendered his Iowa license. He cannot reapply to be reinstated for at least 10 years. Before his license can be reinstated, he must prove that "the basis for revocation of his license no longer exists, and that it is in the public interest for the license to be reinstated."

According to court documents, the good Doctor "bartered sex for services with some of these patients" and "performed exorcisms as part of his chiropractic treatment of patients."

He also admitted to the allegations and acknowledges that the allegations, proven in a contested court hearing would constitute grounds for discipline. He has agreed not to use any words or titles, which imply or represent that he is a licensed chiropractor, or to otherwise hold himself out to the public, as a licensed chiropractor or to engage in the practice of chiropractic for which a license is required in the state of Iowa.

Another Doctor, who once shared an office with the accused said, "We didn’t notice any of that stuff while he was here."

So it's probably a safe bet that we will not be seeing any chain clinics popping up offering the same services and payment plans.
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