Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Bigfoot found in Arkansas

Bigfoot found in Arkansas?

This is a photo from a non beliver, a hunter who knows the woods... the hills and valleys of Arkansas. .. and its wildlife.

While out hunting on (non disclosed) military installation in Arkansas he happened upon a odd series of events.  Leading  up to this photo.... as well as tracks being photographed..... we know where but until access is granted cannot share that piece of information.

We do not have all the data in as of yet... but will be forthcoming as soon as we know more details.

Goal...  gain access to the location.

Real?  Hoax? 


  1. Unknown military base??? Could only be one of 3 locations... Jax afb. Ft. Chaffee. Or camp robinson. My money's on Chaffey as it is closer to the Ozarks and Oklahoma which has had its fair share of sightings as well. Jax and Robinson are very close to large urban populations and would be a bit cramped for these animals

  2. Never said unknown... we said non disclosed. .. we know exactly where. But until we have all facts gathered and decide how to proceed we're not listing.
    Due to our instant gratification society. .. for now I opted to not say where to spare the Base PR division from calls demanding access or claims of conspiracies or know it alls to dictate how to monitor them what they eat and so on....