Thursday, September 8, 2016

Triangular UFO spotted and Filmed over Arkansas

Recently received video, multiple videos of Illuminated Orbs in the Sky in a Perfect Equilateral Triangle Formation moving in unison.

I'm mobile and reviewing the video on my phone.

I will upload this with an UPDATED story ASAP.  I wish to analyze the video, and enhance it as the
photo is very dark (ie. night sky) and then show before and after clips to get your viewpoints.

Its from a Cell phone so fingers crossed we have imaging to analyze.

Article is by Jason Mansfield: Anomalous Environmental Studies Analyst™ found at, Voice Over Artist, Film Maker/ Prop Designer/ Creative Consultant/ Concept Artist at Binary Entertainment, Folklorist, Horror Enthusiast, Writer, Squatchologist™, Legend Hunter & Oddity Tripper™ #BlogOfOdd #WhatTheFringe #OddityTrippers