Saturday, February 8, 2014

Huge Jellyfish discovered that is 5 ft across "That's A Huge Bitch!"

Scientists are now scrambling to study a new species of jellyfish that are washing up on beaches on the Island of Tasmania. It would appear the Giant five foot is an unidentified species that is not currently classified.

The species started showing up in southern Tasmania this summer, baffling scientists after one washed ashore. 

Dr. Gershwin with the Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization "Say that three times fast" Dr. Gershwin with the (ACSIRO) have studied the remains of the mysterious creature and are awaiting the new species classification and name.

So I have to ask, if one of these stings you on the foot.... do you have a friend pee on it? or due to its size (the jelly fish) would it take more than one friend to neutralize the toxin with urine?

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