Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Book Review; The GRID by Marie Jones and Larry Flaxman

Have you ever just pondered the meaning of life? How we are here, our purpose? Maybe you’ve dove deeper and tried to wrap your brain around some scientific theories and jumped into theoretical physics like String Theory.

I know I have, I look at life and the universe a lot different than most people. At an early age right around age 8 when paranormal things started happening to me, or things I perceived as Paranormal, I had that voice in my head telling me to respect things, respect nature, that all things were connected.

I always thought it funny and laugh "can’t disrespect stuff, its made of tiny stuff all connected" That all the connected stuff was the bigger picture.

Few years ago I started out on a quest to write a book {still not finished} on this very topic. I even discussed a few of the topics online with people. A way to try and explain it and now some friends of mine have given me a new perspective to look into and source for my own project.

Authors Marie D. Jones and Larry Flaxman, the co authors of The Déjà vu Enigma, and 11:11 The Time Prompt Phenomena have just brought to the forefront a concept, a theory that I believe will change how people perceive everyday things, and help them deal with Paranormal Events as well. Because not everything is as it seems.

The GRID – Exploring the Hidden Infrastructure of Reality will do just that. From the micro world all the way up to the macro world with easy to understand explanations. A journey exploring some serious scientific theories that will not make your head hurt. Presenting experiences that will possibly open your eyes for the very first time to new beliefs. Marie and Larry transverse the topics of Out of Body Experiences OBE, Ghostly apparitions, Psychics, Remote Viewing, and Even UFO’s just to name a few.

Ever wonder what makes a person, maybe even you have one of these experiences. Maybe you’ve had a departed loved one pay a visit, or receive a call from a blocked number at the very hour of your loved ones passing.

The GRID will take you out and back exploring several concepts that have plagued man for generations, hell eons. They will take you out on The GRID with explanations to some of the world’s oddest events. How you, right now reading this review, are connected to everything, to everyone. (Yes we can see you, put your pants back on).

Sourcing Physics’ Scholars like Michu Kaku, Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawkings, Lisa Randall, Leonard Susskind and many others, exposing you to their research in a way where you will not blow a gasket by laying it out in laymen’s terms.

You will enjoy the wild ride navigating The GRID. This is a must read, and a must own for your book collection.

Visit Hierophant Publishing for more information. Also check out ParaExplorers, the joint venture that Marie and Larry have started to aide in their quest of understanding and explaining the universe.

Article is by Jason Mansfield: Anomalous Environmental Studies Analyst™ found at, Voice Over Artist, Film Maker/ Prop Designer/ Creative Consultant/ Concept Artist at Binary Entertainment, Folklorist, Horror Enthusiast, Writer, Squatchologist™, Legend Hunter & Oddity Tripper™ #BlogOfOdd #WhatTheFringe #OddityTrippers

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