Monday, October 23, 2017

Invasion On Chestnut Ridge - {DVD REVIEW}

If you like the odd, the strange and unexplained then this Documentary is the film for you.  Invasion of Chestnut Ridge, the 5th in the series of films by Seth Breedlove and the Small Town Monster Production team will keep you glued from the opening graphics to the end credits, and if you were a backer on Kickstarter then you get to see your name in the credits as well.
Seth’s storytelling keeps evolving as well as the talents of his crew in cinematography, special effects and animation to the scoring of music, and voice over work.  Each film he produces you can see his passion for retelling lost and forgotten stories that are regional at best in their lore. 

This film covers UFO’s from Keksburg, to cryptids along the ridge in rural Pennsylvania, with detailed research and eye witness interviews in their own words.

You can’t help but love Small Town Monsters approach to storytelling.  And even though I’m a backer of this and the Mothman film, I will be purchasing a physical copy to include into my collection.

I’ve met Seth in Fouke, Arkansas while I was also in the area filming and he is truly a down to earth guy with big dreams that he is chasing down and making happen.  Proof that if you love your job, good things will come with hard work….

Kudos on another inspiring film to the entire STM Crew!

Pick up  your copy today.

The Grey's in the Back are giving this film a 5 out of 5 Probes!!

Article is by Jason Mansfield: Anomalous Environmental Studies Analyst™ found at, Voice Over Artist, Film Maker/ Prop Designer/   Creative Consultant/ Concept Artist at Binary Entertainment, Folklorist, Horror Enthusiast, Writer, Squatchologist™, Legend Hunter & Oddity Tripper™ #BlogOfOdd #WhatTheFringe #OddityTrippers 

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