Friday, November 30, 2018

Evil Eye Curse

The Evil Eye is a curse given at a glance. It is the belief that with a look someone
can transmit a curse either willingly or unwillingly to a person, animal, place or thing.
Once cursed you may suffer numerous illnesses, general unluckiness or even death!
A curse on a place or thing, be it a certain length of road or a building or even a car
can also cause illness, despair, unluckiness or death.
     So how do you get rid of the Evil Eye curse?
There are numerous methods of removal. The best way is to have the person who
cursed you remove it. But if that is impossible then pray. Seriously prayer is the next
best removal method. There are also many different methods and prayers you can
find on the internet. Just google them. You can also seek out a minister, priest,
holy man, shaman or witch doctor.
     You might wonder can you prevent getting cursed in the first place? Yes! The
use of amulets has long been used in warding off evil.. There are several different
amulets from pink coral bracelets to an amulet called the evil eye.

     The Evil Eye is a curse given at a glance. So... who is looking at you?

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