Monday, November 24, 2014

Have you missed us? Blame the Gray's and their stupid Probes!

     Help!!! We've been abducted!
     You've probably noticed some lack of activity here in the Odditorium.  We just wanted you all to know, we are alive and kicking so to speak.
     Due to some extensive traveling, coupled with some tech issues, and some surgeries that popped up for staff and some of our family, it has affected or ability to get uploads to post in a timely manner.
     For that we apologize.  Even though stories haven't been showing up, we have been out traveling, seeking some oddities  and collecting data on some hauntings, a few cryptids, and a UFO or two.
     As you start to settle in for the Holiday season, do not panic, we will have your fix!  And point you to some interesting stories as well as some unique locations that you yourself can go exploring.
     If you have a location you think the Odd Crew needs to delve  into share it with us.  It's time we cashed in some Frequent Flyer Miles!
     Oddity Trippers Unite!......... It's  mythical creature hunting season again. Just avoid the probes... those are always unpleasant.

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