Sunday, March 2, 2014

Human Barbie claims she is an alien.

     I just read the story on Valeria Lukyanova from Metro News Reporter. An advocate of Breatharianism she believes that she will be able to sustain her life through air and light alone, forgoing food. She also claims that she is from outer space and can time travel.
'Human Barbie' says she will survive by absorbing light and air     Maybe she is an alien, as a human would surly die without food. But as an alien, why did she pick Barbie to emulate? Do aliens find Barbie attractive or did they do some research and decide that we give our children this doll and this image would be more comforting to us. As for time travel, when has she been? I would like to know?  Why did she pick now? Certainly in the future it will be even easier to transform yourself into whatever you would like. Sadly, she is promoting her beliefs to we humans and I hate to think of anyone else out there buying into this type of crazy. 1st, the world would be so boring if everyone looked like Barbie and 2nd we would all be very angry starving ourselves to death.
 Posted by Amy Mansfield
 You can read the original story by Metro News Reporter at the link below.

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