Sunday, March 2, 2014

VisionCon Takes on Branson with Huge Success.

When you think of Branson MO images of country music come to mind. But this weekend CosPlay has descended on the Music Capital. As we reach our destination, The Radisson parking lot is completely full! Storm troopers are, well, storming the hotel along with Ghostbusters and the away team from Star Trek.
This is Visioncon's 22nd year holding this event and their 1st year holding it in Branson. The lobby was packed as fans of every venue hustle and bustle in and out of the variety of different rooms.

Its not everyday that at a glance you can see a Trekkie, a Storm Trooper and a Ghostbuster all at a glance.
As I squeezed by Freddie Krueger to get to the Art room I am amazed at the talent that is in the building.  Photography was not allowed in this room but take it from me they are talented. Images ranging from fairies to Doctor Who.

On to the convention guest room where we run into our good friend author, artist, film maker, Johnno Zee of Zomular Media LLC and our own Jason Mansfield aka Binary Entertainment
     As we wander the room we met several artists showcasing their work.
Nicci Fett made the long drive from NJ to come to VisionCon. She did a remarkable makeup job as she showcased her talents on herself. She was very creative as a child who grew to be fascinated by the effects in horror movies and said" I want to do that!" and so she did. Along with being an FX makeup artist she also makes props and costumes and is available for your next film project.

Check Nicci out at

Ryan Wheaton, 26, from Springfield MO is an up and coming illustrator and comic book writer. This is his 2nd year at Visioncon. While talking to him I found out we are very like minded. Although a sceptic (like me) he is very open minded to the paranormal but believes in scientific proof, which there isn't much of on any subject.
You can check Ryan out at:

The gaming room was full of different tables set up with many types of different games being played by a diverse group of people. I happened across a table of 6 playing Cards Against Humanity. Starting front left and moving clockwise around the table we have Josh, Sparky, Marie, Plummer, Robert and Rodney.

     Keith Rennaker received his degree in Visual Communications from Colorado Institute of Art. He joined Associated Theatrical Contractors (ATC) in 2005. ATC supplies and services the entertainment industry. While talking with Keith, he was transforming his coworker into a werewolf

ATC offers professional theatrical Makeup classes that cover everything from makeup looks for the runway to the application of full face prosthetics. Later that day we got to see the finished transformation of the werewolf.

Find more about these guys at



  I have to admit that I saw David from across the room and could not take my eyes off of him. From where I was standing he looked an awful lot like Matt Smith, the 11th Doctor Who, and being an enormous Doctor Who fan I couldn't resist a closer look. I am so glad I went over and met David. He is a super person with a great talent. His work is all original and he works in all mediums from pencil to sculpting, he does it all, and does it very well. He has designed for rock bands such as Avenged  Sevenfold, Sevendust and Wednesday 13. This was his 2nd year at Visioncon and he came prepared with many of his pieces. Please check out more of his work at;

Last but not least was headliner Ernie Hudson, AKA Winston from the movie Ghostbusters I and II. He sure did bring in the crowd. There was a line out the door.


While waiting for a lull in the crowd so that we could interview Ernie, we met Chris Canote of He was also waiting for an interview. Chris led the interview with Ernie and ParaPalooza tagged along.


VisionCon was a huge success and really worth the visit. If you can make it next year I am sure you will enjoy it too. 
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Post by Amy Mansfield,  Skeptical Analyst in ParaPalooza's Field Research Team dubbed PSA. Horror Movie Buff,  Executive Producer at Binary Entertainment, and One Kick Ass Continuity Film Expert.

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