Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Sky is Falling The Sky is Falling.... no wait that's a UFO.

The Sky is Falling, no wait that might be a UFO.  Or space debris, damn you NASA.

On October 26, 2014 - A metal sphere yet to be identified plunged from the sky and into Northern Brazil. Eyewitnesses, report the UFO weighs about 110 pounds and measures roughly 3 feet in diameter.

The sphere fell on Wednesday in the village of Riacho dos Poços in Brazilian Maranhão state. No casualties were reported apart from an unfortunate cashew tree that was severed by the object as it plunged to the ground.

Valdir José Mendes, 46, told police the sphere landed several feet from his house leaving a 3 foot deep hole in the yard.

It made so much noise that Mendes was too scared to go outside. Later, curiosity did get the better of him and he went outside to find the cashew tree's trunk snapped in half by a mysterious metal sphere lying in a hole nearby.

Some 20 villagers joined Mendes to help him extract the object from the ground and examine it. Mendes says the sphere is hollow and if shaken some sort of liquid can be felt swishing inside. Locals quickly spread the news, as they reached the town of Mata Roma over 2,000 people flocked to see the "UFO".

Peter Costa, a meteorologist at the National Institute for Space Research (INPE), says the object would probably be part of a satellite. "I'm sure this is not a weather balloon or part of it," he said

Military police confiscated the sphere and took it to the barracks in the nearby Mata Roma. They have not specified what the UFO's possible future will be.

In a statement the Air Force Command said it "does not have specialized structures to perform scientific research on this type of aerial phenomena, which prevents the institution to submit an opinion on these events."

Heads UP!!!!

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