Sunday, October 19, 2014

Review: The Evil Within? More like The Horror Within

Sneaking around, climbing leaders, avoiding chainsaw men, and figuring out death traps?

First off, I would like to say "This is the game we've been waiting for". Godfather of survival horror games "Shinji Mikami" (creator of the Resident Evil series) brings us his latest master piece. 

My first 18hrs 25min 32secs play through on survival mode was insanely challenging, fun, and scary!

The game starts out with Detective Sebastian Castellanos and his partners, Joseph Oda and Julie Kidman arrive at a gruseome crime scene at a mental asylum. Sebastian, and Joseph investigates and see everyone in the asylum were massacred. They check things out in the camera room. Sebastian see's a mysterious figure slashing 3 police officers just a few moments before he, and his team arrived. Sebastian turns around, and the figure that was on the computer screen, is now behind him, then attacks him. Sebastian wakes up tied upside down in a meat locker filled with other corpse. Sebastian escapes, and fight through the world of evil, in the search of his friends.

Pros and Cons.

I have to admit this game does have one con.

The only problem I had with The Evil Within, was the bugs. The game just came out on Tuesday 10/14/14. Bugs were expected. I really didn't have that many issues with the game. I spent 3 days playing it, all day, and ending the session at 3 o'clock in the morning. The game is gory, but it doesn't over do it. There will be times that you have to run, because the enemies are unbeatable.

The things I enjoyed most about this game, was the game play, story, and the difficulty. The game play is a mixture of The Last Of Us, and Resident Evil 4. You're left with very little ammo at times, you have to use stealth instead. The story is amazing, you will be craving to play the next chapter, just to that happens next!


I give The Evil Within,

-Amazing game play 
-Amazing story
-Keeps you on the edge at all times
-Horror is perfect
-Perfect puzzles, and traps

Like I said earlier there are bugs, but will be fixed soon.

Story by: Dean Christian Blogger, Actor, Writer, Director, Executive Producer at Red Watch Entertainment

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