Thursday, January 29, 2015

Psychic Prediction for SuperBowl 2015 from none other...AskSquatch

Well we here at ParaPalooza are all about having fun, finding quirky destinations that involve someone being abducted by Aliens, or Attacked by a Ghost, or heck even Cryptid Porn for that matter.  Life is to short not to have some adventures involved.

So even if your not into the weird topics that we are, go out and enjoy life.  And while your at it, pop over to our YouTube Channel when your on some down time. 

We just kicked off a test of our Main Guy ASKSQUATCH.  Who we've been trying to talk into going on camera for well over a year.  He finally decided to go for it.

Sadly the test piece...........has some of the suckiest audio I think I've ever heard.  So we just got him a YETI Microphone.......ironic don't you think.

So here is the test piece.  We will post all new Episodes right here.

He Agreed to allow us a reshoot.  New Video!! Up Now.
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