Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Family of Bigfoot Reported in Snow, Arkansas

Well this caught my attention!  This is literally in the back yard of ParaPalooza country... ok ok its like 30 minutes away.  But one I can personally follow up on and get some truth from.  As most reports are just HYPE.  I not getting my hopes up.

Because well.......its a WET County now days, and there are some locals that.... to be politically correct........ Just aren't right in the head.  But I do my research with an open mind.  And I expect nothing but a good time outdoors, its why I love this area.  Nature is Peaceful and much needed.

The report is on Bigfoot Research Organization BFRO.Net is as follows.

This one is an unbelievable report. Seeing one Bigfoot is rare enough, but to see 3 at the same time is quite remarkable. While driving near the town Snow Arkansas, one man reportedly spotted a "family unit":

Night, dark clear, road traffic was light. I was traveling west bound, headlight on bright. Three creatures, two were adults and a young one. I saw them traveling from left to right, the adults were near the yellow line in the hwy, the smaller one was about three steps behind the large ones. The two large one went right over the fence to my left with very little extra effort, like a large high stride. the smaller one, use the right hand on the fence post and jumped the fence. I was about 5 car lengths away from the smaller one.

According to the BFRO person, this former military person was very descriptive about the creatures:

Spoke with witness twice via phone. Former military and quite precise in recollection. It was a matter of fact recounting of events. Everyone knows they are around these parts, just not spoken about in public. His feeling was that he saw a family unit. Male, female, and juvenile. The male, and lead creature, was a dirty brown color. The second or "female, less masculine" one was in the middle, and juvenile was last. Male was estimated to be no less than 6.5-7 ft. tall. Very bulky and super wide at shoulders. The second one was just smaller overall and he just felt it was "feminine" due to lack of bulk and overall size difference. Juvenile seemed to be 4-5 ft tall. They were "walking with purpose" as though they had a set destination in mind. They did not look back at him, nor hurry their gait just because he was there. The entire event was between 5-8 seconds. It was a 2 lane highway, at least 20 feet from shoulder to shoulder, and the male crossed the road easily in 4-5 steps. He went back and stepped it off at a later time and he had trouble coming close to that stride without maybe pulling a muscle. I have no reason to doubt this witness.

If someone will contact me from BFRO I can actually go to the exact spot! ahhh someone point this snoop in the right direction please.
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