Tuesday, December 10, 2013

30 new species found living under Antarctic

This Juvenile King Crab is among 30 new species found living under the Antarctic. Picture: SWNS

More than 30 new species of sea creatures living under the Antarctic have been discovered by a British team of scientists.

Marine biologists from the British Antarctic Survey have been surveying the Amundsen Sea five years ago after the ice shelf began to break up.
Scientists have compiled a list of 275 marine species, including 30 new creatures.
A brain-like sea cucumber called Psolus Byrdae, and a bathysciadiid limpet - a type of sea snail - with a taste for dead octopus are among the team’s strangest finds.
A new species called the flabelligerids, which has now been referred to as the “bristle-cage-worm” because of its bright neon yellow bristles, was also among the discoveries.

Original Source: http://www.scotsman.com/lifestyle/arts/visual-arts/30-new-species-found-living-under-antarctic-1-3226513

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