Tuesday, December 10, 2013

UFO, Alien Research Being Examined By U.S. House Of Representatives Hearings On Astrobiology And Search For Biosignatures

UFO, alien research.

As UFO and alien life theories and claims continue to spread around the world, a recent hearing at the U.S. House of Representatives has piqued many enthusiasts' interest.
The topic of the hearing is "Astrobiology: The Search for Biosinatures in our Solar System and Beyond," and was held last week.

"The purpose of this hearing is to examine astrobiology research and the search for biosignatures in our Solar System and beyond. The hearing will include a general assessment of the multi- and interdisciplinary nature of astrobiology research, including the role astrobiology plays in formulating NASA space missions," says the summary of the hearing.
"It will also examine the techniques and capabilities necessary to determine the potential for the existence of biosignatures within our Solar System. With the discovery of potential Earth-like planets outside of our Solar System, the hearing will also investigate what methods are being used to determine if any of these planets may harbor life. The hearing will explore existing and planned astrobiology research strategies and roadmaps."
What this means for UFO and extraterrestrial believers, is that the fate of future space missions and funding could tailor to the need to confirm or deny the existence of alien life.
The entirety of the hearing can be seen below:

So far, reactions to this hearing have been mixed.

Original Source: http://www.kpopstarz.com/articles/68852/20131209/ufo-alien.htm

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